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Make sure to register each adult,
sign up if you want to stay in the dry camp,
and order your rally gear!



Registration is required for the event. It is $40 for everyone 13+ in attendance. This fee is required if you stay in the dry camp on the event grounds, or if you are staying elsewhere. It provides you access to the event grounds, "Vendor Zone", and nightly “Rider Rendezvous” with door-prize drawings.


If you choose to dry camp on the event grounds, there is a $80 flat rate fee. This payment is pre-paid and non-refundable. There are approximately 100 spots available August 16-20, 2023 and attendees will have to utilize other dispersed camping locations once they have been filled.

Gear (T-shirts and more)

Place your order online, and pick up items on-site at registration. Deadline for placing orders is July 17th (subject to change).

The image on the back of the t-shirts and hoodies for 2023 is pictured to the left. It features many of the trails in the area.


To complete your registration, follow the link above.